2003 Old Time Music Revue

This was something new for the group. In 2002 we received an invitation to put on a dinner/music show for a private group. We put together a show containing a selection of old songs, the oldest being Daisy, Daisy from 1892. There was also a Barber’s shop quartet, a Medley from My Fair Lady, a wonderful Tulip dance by the men and much more. The production was a lot of fun, but a lot of work too, so two more appearances were planned as it was such a pity to invest so much into one evening’s entertainment. We also played to a large audience in the Lorzensaal and in the Carlton Tivoli Hotel in Lucerne, the latter show being scheduled for the last evening before the hotel closed its door for ever. All of the audiences were able to sing along and loved the show. From the groups point of view, this was a new and very successful venture, with lots of opportunities for all members to show their skills. We must do this again!

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