Our next production this September:

Champagne Murder

September 30th, 19:30 at the Restaurant Brandenburg, Zug

You are invited to a special evening of mystery and suspense at the Restaurant Brandenberg in Zug on Saturday 30th September at 19.30.  Enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner and the chance to win a prize by beating Detective McClue as she investigates the murder of Lord Michael Jagged.  Let yourself be transported back to the swinging 60s and join the colouful group of friends who have been invited to dinner at Lord Michael’s Chelsea home in London.  In a rehearsed play reading you will be entertained by the interaction of the characters and you yourself will become involved in the investigation as clues and evidence are presented.

We are sorry, but this event has now sold out.

If you have any queries please contact our Events Manager.

Our next production in January, 2024:

... a concert show

Performance dates: January 13th, 14th & 18th at the Chollerhalle in Zug

Mean/Kind is a performance project that grew from a set of medleys that the Zug Show Choir had already been preparing as independent musical suites.  In looking for a theme which ties the 3 collections together (songs from Wicked, West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof) it was clear that in each of the shows where our music comes from, characters are struggling with or working through some kind of bullying and acceptance problem.

For example, in Wicked Elphaba is being rejected by her family, friends — her school and community, not only for being green, but also for having these tremendous magical powers that others feel threatened by.  In West Side Story, we have a group of people from Puerto Rico living in New York. They are rejected by The Jets (the rival gang), which interestingly is also formed of immigrants.  However, they arrived a decade earlier from Europe..and consider themselves more "acceptable".   In Fiddler on the Roof there is a village group composed of Ukrainian/Russian Jewish people who are forced to migrate.  Additionally, our hero in the musical, the beloved Tevye (played by Jim Carson), sadly rejects his daughter when she chooses at to marry outside of her family's faith.

As many of our performers have lived in different countries, we thought the theme of acceptance, overcoming bullying and harassment as well as learning how fitting in were pertinent, both for our performers and our community in general.  Everyone knows what it's like to feel like you don't "fit in" … or when you feel new … or when you've been rejected and bullied.  Some of us have also come out on the other side of the equation and had to learn compassion and responsibility.  

In times such as these, where people are struggling with different political viewpoints and gender equality problems, we wanted to create a piece of performance art within this framework and can highlight some of the problems people are working with every day at some level.    After realizing the common theme between these seemingly very different musicals (acceptance- overcoming bullying) adding in Taylor Swift's popular hit, Mean, was an easy fun choice.  Also, David Friedman's beautiful solution, ‘We Can Be Kind’  seemed like the best note to end on.  

Mean/Kind is a concert — however, it's been put together like a musical.  It has props, a lighting design, costume elements, staging, and different characters. But like a concert, it also loses its fourth wall and addresses the audience directly at times.  We have orchestrated backing tracks as well as live musicians for some of the songs.  We were inspired to do something different after years of being held up by Covid, so we've also experimented with multi-media as well as having some original arrangements of some of the songs.

Scheduled performances in January, 2024 at the Chollerhalle in Zug:
Saturday, January 13th at 19:30,  Sunday, January 14th at 14:00 & 17:30,  Thursday, January 18th at 19:30 .

Tickets can be booked online via Eventfrog.  If you have any queries please contact our Events Manager.

Mean/Kind directorial team

Kate Michaels and Hanns Zöllner,  co-directors
Myrtha Schuler,  choreographer

Production team

(at time of print)

Martin Riesen, video animation
Tim Purdue,  sets and sound design
David Baird,  sound
Andreas Stahl,  lighting
Kathy Glass,  costumes
Linda Schürpf,  props
Andrew Glass,  technical coordinator
Hubert Schuler,  stage manager
Myrtha Schuler and Karolina Slavka Gomez-Müller,  PR and media
Simona Schuler,  social media

Tiffany Butt, MD, band leader and keyboarder

This production is made possible thanks to generous support by the Town of Zug

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