Our next production in
November, 2024:

The Enchanted Toyshop

In conjunction with the children’s musical theatre school “Spotlight Kids”, the ETGZ will perform a family-friendly fairy story with modern songs and dance routines – perfect for the build-up to Advent and the Christmas season.

In a small town (Zug), there is a magical toyshop run by Mr Jingles, a whimsical and kind-hearted toymaker. The extraordinary toys in the shop come to life when the clock strikes midnight. One night, however, the jealous goblins steal the magic from the shop, causing the toys to lose their enchantment.
Mr Jingle’s granddaughter, Penny, decides to team up with some of the toys to go on a quest through the mystical enchanted forest to retrieve the stolen magic. The main story centres around their adventures and challenges to outwit the cunning goblins, eventually restoring the magic to the toyshop.

Production team

(at time of print)

Shilpa Sukumar, producer & director

Jennifer Rosset, production assistant
Robin Trythall, voice training
Nina Krasnoshapka, choreography
Kathy Glass, costumes
Anna Spooner, stage manager
Shawn Zimmermann & Linda Schürpf, props
Tim Purdue & Shilpa Sukumar, set design
Andreas Stahl, lighting design
Dave Baird, sound
(TBA), sound design
Kirstie Ross, marketing
Simona Schuler, social media

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