A unique opportunity to help with ETGZ sponsoring!

Migros launched a "Support Culture" campaign on February 7 which lasts until April 17, 2023. For every Fr. 20 spent at Migros, customers are entitled to receive a coupon (Vereinsbon). The coupons can be donated online to non-profit cultural societies of one’s choice, including the ETGZ for its Mean/Kind show. Migros will provide sponsorship support in proportion to the number of coupons we receive.

You can help! Here’s how it works. Every time you shop at Migros, please ensure that you receive the coupons to which you are entitled. At the cash register they should ask you if you want any. If you use checkout machines you will have ask the person supervising the self-checkout area for your coupons.

Once you have your coupons you can assign them to the ETGZ online at migros.ch/culture. You can use the search function to find the ETGZ. Otherwise you can open this link directly and click on the button "Vereinsbons zuteilen”.

Important! In the first step you can enter the code of your coupon or the respective codes of several coupons. After this you must continue through a couple of further steps before your donation is actually registered!

If you have questions you can contact president@etgz.ch.

Thank you for your support!

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