1994 Snoopy

With Charles Schulz's comic strip PEANUTS as general inspiration, the musical Snoopy was written in 1982. It is created out of little moments in the life-cycle of the beagle-dog Snoopy and his human friends. These include crabby, authoritarian Lucy, music-loving Schroeder, sweet, lazy Sally, innocent, neurotic tomboy Peppermint Patty, the blanket-hugging intellectual Linus, uncertain and eternally put-upon Charlie Brown, and Snoopy's fine-feathered friend Woodstock.

The unorthodox structure of the comic strip musical presented a special and novel challenge to every member of the production, whether cast or production team. The fine line between comic characterisation and human value situations had to be drawn anew by the team itself, slowly and assiduously with every rehearsal. The newspaper cartoon effect precludes any form of easily recognisable reality portrayed in the majority of modern-day drama.

The still-life representation of characters – who never lived and yet were precisely delineated by Charles Schulz – received a voice, a form and a new purpose in the musical version while attempting to maintain the black and white surrealistic atmosphere that Schulz originally intended with his short, mutually independent vignettes. Aided by the bright and poignant score, lighting as a character within its own right, the cast and crew took the challenges in stride and gave the Zug theatre community a true and successful rendition of the world according to Snoopy. The cast included: Adrian Dinneen, Bruce Mathers, Franzi Reichlin, Hanns Zöllner, Cari Zöllner, Naomi Ventura, Patrick Sequeira, Brigit Gertschen, and Nicola Fielder (Zurich production).

Performed at the Lorzensaal in September of 1994, and at the Swiss Festival of English-speaking Theatre in Zurich in 1995.

Snoopy: co-directors – Hanns & Cari Zöllner; Musical Director – David Smith

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