Auditions for

The Enchanted Toyshop

took place Sat., March 16 & Sat., March 23, 2024 at the
Haus des Lernens, Sankt Oswald-Gasse 20, Zug.

Casting will be decided by early April.

This year The English Theatre Group of Zug will be putting on a musical with a difference in the first half of November at the Burgbachsaal in Zug.  In conjunction with the children’s musical theatre school “Spotlight Kids”, we will perform a family-friendly fairy story with modern songs and dance routines – perfect for the build-up to Advent and the Christmas season.

Contacts concerning auditions: Nina Braun and Jennifer Rosset.

In a small town (Zug), there is a magical toyshop run by Mr Jingles, a whimsical and kind-hearted toymaker. The extraordinary toys in the shop come to life when the clock strikes midnight. One night, however, the jealous goblins steal the magic from the shop, causing the toys to lose their enchantment.
Mr Jingle’s granddaughter, Penny, decides to team up with some of the toys to go on a quest through the mystical enchanted forest to retrieve the stolen magic. The main story centres around their adventures and challenges to outwit the cunning goblins, eventually restoring the magic to the toyshop.



Mr Jingles
Gender: male
Age: elderly
Must be able to sing
A kind and gentle old man who radiates warmth and compassion.

Gender: female
Age: approx 16-25
Voice: soprano
Must be able to dance
As the protagonist of the story, Penny is outgoing and spirited, full of energy and determination, but at the same time very loving.


Captain Blaze
Gender: male
Age: approx 20-35
Voice: tenor
A dedicated commando character with unwavering determination and seriousness. Constantly immersed in physical exercises and drills, which gains him respect from the other characters but which also often lands him in unexpected amusing situations.

Chester the Clown
Gender: male or female
Age: open
Must be able to sing and dance
With a huge sense of fun, wit and endless charm this character brings laughter and joy to every situation, captivating everyone with clever jokes and playful banter. A close companion to Penny.

Sparkle and Shine
Gender: female
Age: 8+
Good singing voices
Must be able to dance
An inseparable pair of fairy-like girls who spread happiness wherever they go. Always in sinc, they talk and move in perfect harmony.

Rumble the Robot
Gender: male or female
Age: open
Good singing voice
A quirky and tech-savvy toy robot, renowned for its exceptional navigation skills and problem-solving abilities. The brains of the group.

Bella the Ballerina
Gender: female
Age: approx 14-20
Good singing voice
Must be able to dance, preferably ballet-trained
No speaking lines
A special creation of Mr Jingles, Bella captivates everyone with her beautiful singing and dancing.

Grim and Glum, the Gloom Goblins
Gender: male or female
Age: approx 20-35
These two are the primary antagonists: mischievous villains with a wicked fondness for stealing magic and causing chaos and discord.

Elder Shadow
Gender: male
Age: elderly
Must have a strong, deep voice
The chief of the Gloom Goblins is a figure shrouded in mystery and darkness. He has a commanding presence and an aura of malevolence, instilling fear and respect among his followers.

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