2000 - The Diary of Anne Frank

The diary of Anne Frank was presented in the Burgbachkeller, Zug between 9th – 18th March, 2000. The play chronicles the two and half years the Frank family, the Van Daan family and, latterly, Mr. Dussel spent living in the attic in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam during World War II. The play is presented as a flashback, with Mr. Frank re-visiting the loft in 1945, coming across Anne’s diary, and re-living that time through what she had written. It is a touching mixture of childish frustrations, joys, sorrows, worries and wry observations of the other inmates of the loft.

The play was directed by Barbara Evans. At the premiere we were very fortunate to have Buddy Elias in the audience. He is Anne Frank’s only surviving relative ( cousin) and honoured us by addressing the audience at the end of the play, reminiscing about his childhood with Anne before they went into hiding. The entire gathering was profoundly moved.


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