1993 - The Fantasticks

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The Fantasticks was performed at the Lorzensaal in September of 1993 and at the Rigiblick Theatre in Zurich on April 29,30, 1994

The Fantasticks is a musical parable about love based on Rostand's novel "Les Romanesques". It premiered in 1960, off-Broadway and is still running today in New York. Its simplicity was its appeal, its direct approach its charm and its lack of typical Broadway razzle-dazzle a large part of its success.

The message is timeless - the characters universal. It was the author's intention to create a special reality and, indeed, rapport with the audience, by allowing the audience to imagine, think and feel without any techno manipulation. This unorthodox approach is further evidenced by the lack of scenery and stage trickery. The general feeling the author wished to portray is one of a group of travel-light itinerant performers. The style of acting is a delicate blending of almost inappropriate Shakespearean exaggeration with totally contemporary, but timeless and unadorned human emotion.

The eight characters, a narrator, a girl, a boy, two fathers, an old actor, a dying expert, and a mute were played by: Bruce Mathers, Christina Haffter/Regina Sasse, Jon Thorsteinsen, Ray Owen, Adrian Dinneen, Richard Nordstroni, Philip Heselton, and Patrick Sequeira. David Corman and Tim Socha substituted in the Zurich performance.

Director: Cari Zöllner

Musical Director: Hanns Zöllner

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