2005 - The Piper

The Piper, with words and music by David Winter, in November 2005.

“The Piper” is a modern lyrical and musical adaptation by David Winter for adults and children alike, of the old folk tale, “The Pied Piper of Hamlyn.” The Piper, having many years ago cleared the rats from the town of Hamlyn, has now arrived in Zug and is faced with a similar task when engaged by the Mayor. The Piper’s ingenuity proves fatal for the rats following a swinging disco, but the story repeats itself when it comes to being paid for the work completed. And so, when the Townspeople’s children disappear with the Piper overnight, they must ask themselves, how important is it to be honest? A happy ending then appears to be in sight until the Piper introduces one last twist in the tale.

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