1990 - The Pajama Game

The swift-moving plot of THE PAJAMA GAME unfolds as the new superintendent of the Sleep-Tite Pajama Fact" meets - and quickly fails in love with - Babe, a member of the union's grievance committee. There is also a more humorous romance between a jealous middle-aged knife-throwing time-study expert named Hines and Gladys, the secret" to the president of the Sleep-tite Pajama Factory. After the company picnic, when the superintendent finally gets to kiss his girl, the romance becomes serious.

In the meantime, the union has demanded a 7 1/2 cents an hour raise; when the company president stalls, Babe deliberately causes a breakdown on the assembly line and is fired by her superintendent lover. Subsequently, the union goes on strike, widening the rift between the superintendent and his union sweetheart even more. The superintendent wants to break the strike, and, knowing that the president's secretary has the key to the secret ledgers which he suspects might divulge some clandestine financial information, tries to get it from her at a sleazy nightclub. While the union gets a big rally under way, the superintendent tells the president he has been making unfair profits, for the raise has already been figured into company costs. The president gives in, the superintendent wins his girl again, and the whole company celebrates the wage increase of seven-and-a-half cents.

Director, Peter Oehrlein and Inge Ruhrseitz

Musical Director, Tim Socha

Choreography, Val Boog, Cari Zoellner, Gabi Spreiter

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