2002 - The Three Penny Opera

Macheath, a.k.a Mack the knife, is a topnotch thief, murderer and womaniser. His latest prey is Polly Peachum, the daughter of Jonathan Peachum who runs the London beggar cartel. By marrying Polly, Mack incurs Jonathan's wrath; he swears to have the man hung by the police. But Mack's best friend is none other than Tiger Brown, London's police chief, who thanks to a lot of bribing has made sure that Mackie never gets arrested for any of his crimes.

Celia Peachum, Polly's mother, knows that nothing is more dangerous than the wrath of a scorned woman. She contacts Jenny, a prostitute, Mack's once-upon-a-time lover who agrees to betray him. Jonathan Peachum threatens to ruin the Queen's jubilee by having his beggars disrupting the procession if Tiger Brown does not have Mack arrested.

Tiger Brown has no choice but to comply. Warned of his imminent arrest by Polly whom he leaves in charge of his affairs, Mack decides to stop by at his favourite brothel for some fun. Jenny calls the police who arrest him. Polly visits him in prison only to meet his first wife Lucy Brown, none other than Tiger’s own daughter. He uses one woman against the other and Lucy helps him escape. Jonathan Peachum is furious and organises his beggars’ demonstration against the Queen.

Jenny betrays Mack a second time and this time there is no escape. As the hour of his death draws near, Mack begs for forgiveness blaming society for making him the man he is. But the Queen hearing of the potential disruption of her ceremony, grants Mack a last minute pardon, a lifetime pension and a title. All is well that ends well …….

Responsibility for the production was shared amongst three directors: Dorothee Roth, David Honigsberg and Charlie Lucarotti.

Dorothee has participated in a number of our productions and directed of “The Art of Dining”.

David was the music director and producer. He was musical director for the Pantomime “Mother Goose” and directed “OKLAHOMA!”. Follow this


to read his thoughts on the music of the Threepenny Opera.

Charlie is a welcome newcomer to the group and joins us with extensive theatrical experience. Dorothee and Charlie shared the artistic and executive directing responsibilities. Their thoughts on the musical can be found



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